Contact Information:
High Shoals Elementary School
401 Hopping Road
Bishop, Georgia 30621
Phone: (706) 310-1985
Fax: (706) 310-1986
School Hours:
 7:45AM - 2:30 PM

Information about HSES:

High Shoals is an extraordinary school focused on academic excellence. Our priority is student learning insuring every student is challenged to achieve and exceed grade level state standards. We use Learning Focused strategies that encompass the best teaching practices for today’s students.  Professional learning for the faculty and staff is developed using the National School Reform Faculty model, better known as Critical Friends Group or CFG’s.
HSES has an extraordinary faculty of teachers who excel professionally and are innovative, enthusiastic, and dedicated to providing an excellent education for all students.

We offer our students a balanced academic program in our core curriculum with a strong emphasis on reading/language arts, math and writing.

HSES follows the Learning Focused School model by increasing achievement with exemplary practices. 

HSES also participates in Professional Learning Communities with Critical Friends Groups. 

Students at HSES conduct themselves in a manner which allows teachers to teach, allows students to learn, and which does not violate the best interest of any person in the school community.



Oconee County Schools will be a nationally-recognized leader in academic achievement by ensuring all students receive a rigorous, balanced education that will enable them to compete in and contribute to a global society.