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Mrs. Wages

Evelyn Wages

I would like to thank our wonderful RBES parents for the support you give the school in so many ways!  Some of you volunteer countless hours during the school day helping with special projects, tutoring students, and helping a teacher give extra individual attention to students.  Some of you attend every special event to help our students know you care about them.  Some of you diligently check your child’s Friday folder and read every communication from the school.  Some of you do service projects to keep our campus looking beautiful.  Whatever contribution you make to RBES, thank you very much!
Students attending RBES have shown great academic gains every year.  A part of this success is due to the great parent involvement. We appreciate how much you help your child at home as well as helping the school as a whole!  One resource we want all our parents to know about is the web site.  If you want to look at the Georgia Performance Standards (which are the current curriculum standards for students to master) the web site is a good place to begin.  There is a specific Parent tab on the site where you will find links to other information.  As you support your own child, the information on this site may be of help to you throughout your child’s school years.  Again, thanks for your ongoing support and assistance!  Thanks for allowing us to be a part of your child’s education!
Evelyn Wages, Principal
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