• Bullying Policy and Protocol

    Bullying, as described in Georgia Law, is prohibited in all Oconee County Schools. When a parent, student, teacher, staff member or other adult suspects bulling, they are expected to report the incident to school administration immediately. This report can be filed in person or anonymously. School personnel are mandated to report the incident if they have reliable information that would lead a reasonable person to believe that bullying is occurring.
    Once school administration has been notified, an immediate investigation will occur. If the administration finds that bullying has occurred, the administration will take appropriate disciplinary action based on the severity and number of the offense. The administration will also contact parents of both the victim and the person bullying so that all parents are aware of the situation.
    Oconee County Schools, at all three levels, has developed a progressive discipline chart in order to respond to bullying. At each level, the range of punishment can vary from a warning and counseling to expulsion. In grades 6-12, upon the third bullying offense by a person in one school year, the school will take the accused before a hearing officer and make a recommendation that the student be placed in the Oconee County Community School for up to one calendar year. Students who are found to be charged with bullying in the elementary grades may be placed at another school to stop the behavior. If this action occurs, the parents of the student who committed the bullying will be responsible for the transportation to and from school daily.
    All individuals who report an incident of bullying in good faith shall be immune from civil liabilities for any damages caused by such reporting. Retaliation following a report of bullying is prohibited and should be reported to school administration immediately.
    Training will take place for administration and staff during the summer and during pre-planning.