• Quality Education



    Challenging Curriculum for All Students - All students deserve interesting, rigorous and engaging work regardless of their past or current academic status. We believe each student brings different and unique gifts and abilities to the classroom, and it is our responsibility to guide that student to reach his or her full potential academically, physically and emotionally.
    Safe and Risk-Free Learning Environments – Our schools are places where parents feel comfortable entrusting their children to our care. Students feel supported and free to be inquisitive and to express themselves appropriately without ridicule.
    Strong Parent and Community Support – The schools are centers for community activity. Our strong parent support helps to extend the walls of the schools into our community. The school system is the economic engine of the area and enhances the quality of life we all enjoy in Oconee County.



    Quality Schools Known Worldwide!

    • People from all over the world will visit OCS to learn from our teachers, parents and stakeholders how to create schools that provide a world-class education to its students.
    • Our schools will focus on science, math and technology, while not neglecting the essentials of a balanced education. We will prepare students for competition with their counterparts from all over the globe.
    • Our school system will be a leader in technology usage. Technology will make education interesting and relevant and will support greater operational efficiency.
    • Our facilities will be showcases – gleaming, clean, inviting, safe and attractive – regardless of the age of the buildings.