• Students with a Tablet Bring-Your-Own-Technology
    at Oconee County Schools

    The goal of the OCS BYOT Initiative is to provide additional learning opportunities through mobile learning tools while maintaining the safety and security provided in the TUA (Technology Usage Agreement) for the 21st century student learners of Oconee County.

The Advantages of BYOT

    • If a student brings a device they own to school, it will open up access to the school provided technology.

    • Students may be more comfortable with the technology they use consistently, which leads to increased productivity.

    • By allowing students to use their own personal devices in the school setting, the current technology inventory in the school is supplemented allowing the students increased academic access. 

    • A BYOT environment replicates a post-secondary experience with technology and can lead to an easier transition to college.
Student Using a Tablet