• Students must build a foundation of critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity to compete for future STEM careers. We would like to utilize our community resources and give students positive experiences that promote real world connections.
    Our students have had the opportunity to visit local sites such as the Oconee Cultural Arts Foundations, as well as having speakers come visit our school. We have had small business owners come visit, as well as large businesses like Georgia Power. Speakers are sharing with students What they do in their job, your everyday life, and industry. How they, as an engineer, use all aspects of STEM to achieve success and solve problems. How they go through the learning design process (and how it is ok if things do not go perfectly the first time--how it is ok to go back and improve or fix).
    Here is a look at some of our speakers!
    A NASA Engineer came to CFES and spoke to our students! He shared with our students how he uses STEM in his every day life.
    First, third and fourth grade students enjoyed a visit from Jon Williams, Civil Engineer at Williams and Associates in Athens, GA who spoke about how he uses STEM in his daily life at work!
     3rd Grade Winners                   
    All 5th grade visited OCAF to hear how a potter uses STEM in her everyday life! She also explained to students the science in pottery with the physical and chemical changes.
    Will Powers of Pastures of Rose Creek came to visit kindergarten and first grade students on his daily life on the farm. Farmer Will shared all the aspects of STEM on the farm, but also at the Farmers Market in Athens he attends weekly. 
    Horticulturalist JoHannah stopped by to share her produce and her life at the UGArden located off Milledge. She shared the produce she had collected that day, in addition to how she incorporates STEAM in her every day life.
    New York children's author, C. Alexander London, came to visit third grade students. He was promoting his new book, Wild Ones, and talked about how he made his book going through the engineering design process. A very animated speaker himself, the students and teachers listening thoroughly enjoyed him speak!
                C AlexLond2
    Students work with Mrs. Emily Givens in our CFES garden. Each week students will work and learn about gardening, harvesting, and the STEAM involved with running a garden.
     Givens in the Garden 1