• Health Services

    Faye Warden Faye Warden, Lead Nurse
    1081 Rocky Branch Road
    Bogart, GA 30622
    706.769.7760, ext. 5129

    The Oconee County School System promotes the health, safety and well being of all students by providing each school with a school nurse on a daily basis. We have a staff of 11 nurses dedicated to the mission statement:

    “Children must be Healthy to Learn and Learn to be Healthy”

    The definition of school nursing adopted by the Board of the National Association of School Nurses is:

    “School nursing is a specialized practice of professional nursing that advances the well being, academic success and lifelong achievement of students. To that end, school nurses facilitate positive student response to normal development; promote health and safety; intervene with actual and potential health problems; provide case management services; and actively collaborate with others to build student and family capacity for adaptation, self management, self advocacy, and learning.”

    Services provided by the school nurses include:

    • Promotion of healthy life styles.
    • Health care counseling or guidance to students, their family, and to staff.
    • Identify health concerns by observation and assessment of needs, and provide appropriate care.
    • Medication management.
    • Immunization verification according to state law.
    • Screenings: vision, hearing, dental, blood pressure, scoliosis.
    • The School Nurse team is available to all students, their families and staff to discuss any questions or concerns.

    Faye Warden RN
    Lead Nurse
    North Oconee High School

    Deena Futris RN
    Oconee County High School

    Casey Haley RN
    Malcom Bridge Middle School

    Ashley Mercer LPN
    Oconee County Middle School

    Rebecca Branch RN
    Colham Ferry Elementary School

    Hannah Green RN
    Dove Creek Elementary School

    Cheryl Moore RN
    High Shoals Elementary School

    Leslie Howell RN
    Malcom Bridge Elementary School

    Erin Smith RN
    Oconee County Elementary School

    Jill Whitesell RN
    Oconee County Primary School

    Ashley Orrell RN
    Rocky Branch Elementary School