• Office of Technology Data and Evaluation

    The Oconee County Schools Office of Technology frequently conducts evaluations and data collections to review the progress of the department toward stated goals and initiatives in our Technology Plan as well as ascertain whether or not the needs of our stakeholders are being met.

    In an effort to communicate and engage our colleagues and community, we strive to share our results and feedback without compromising anonymity. 

Software Roll Call

  • Every Spring, the Technology Department provides all OCS teachers with a survey requesting the names of the various tools, software, app, and website resources they used throughout the full school year. This data is used to shape support and purchasing decision-making as well as future initiative planning and school-specific learning.

Instructional Technology

  • The Instructional Technology Specialist team collects frequent feedback from faculty and staff following both group training and individual support. They also collect data each Spring on the professional learning preferences of OCS faculty and staff, such as the teacher's preference on educational technology tools and ideal times of day for group instruction.