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    The North Oconee Counseling Department strives to connect our students with resources and opportunities that will assist them with their future plans.  Hosting college representatives on our campus is a crucial part of that plan.  We are delighted to offer a private setting for college representatives to meet with students that are interested in their program/university.  

    ** We are excited to be open for in-person college visits.  Colleges that are interested in visiting NOHS can schedule a visit through our SCOIR account.  If you have further questions, please reach out to Katie Wood at kwood@oconeeschools.org.

    As families begin to navigate the college admission process they quickly learn that there are a variety of websites and platforms that are mentioned and needed for students to apply to college. The NOHS Counseling Office has created a cheat sheet with links to help families better understand what websites will help them with their current needs in the college process.

    College Application Platform Description and Uses


    College Advice by Grade Level

    9th- GAFutures 9th grade Checklist

    - Grades are important, make sure that you are starting off strong!

    - Get involved! School and community organizations are a great way to meet people and begin a resume. Start listing your awards and activities in your SCOIR account. This is a great tool to use to help you organize all of your extracurricular information!

    -Start attending the college rep visits at NOHS.  This will help guide your 4 years at NOHS.  By listening to the sessions, students can gain insight and information that will make the process easier to navigate as a senior.

    -Create your GAFutures account.  You DO NOT need your GTID, only your Social Security Number

    - Check off your classes as you pass them on your diploma worksheet (graduation checklist)


    10th- GAFutures 10th grade Checklist

    -Attend the College Fair in Athens, GA - Questions to Ask

    - Take the PSAT in October

    -Begin Cultivating a College List (through SCOIR) - check out this video by the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation for insight on how to create your list!

    -Determine if you need SAT II exams

    -Does your schedule match the the admission requirements of the colleges you want to attend?

    -Are you active in your school and community? Will your resume help or hurt you in the college admission process?

    -Visit College Admission Rep sessions at NOHS- THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!

    -Make smart decisions in registration for junior year.  It is THE MOST important year academically for a student applying to college.  Dual Enrollment, AP options, Work Based Learning, and Young Dawg options begin to open up junior year.  Make an informed choice that is the BEST fit for you and your future goals!

    - Check off your classes as you pass them on your diploma worksheet (graduation checklist)


    11th- GA Futures 11th grade Checklist

    -Take the PSAT in October

    -Attend the College) Fair- Questions to Ask

    -Schedule your ACT/SAT for 11th grade year, possibly take it twice this school year/summer and take it earlier if you are planning to dual enroll as a senior.

    -Schedule SAT Subject Tests, if needed.  Students are advised to check college admission websites to verify the college admission requirements for SAT II exams.

    -Create your college application list - visit SCOIR to begin your college search/create your college list

    -VISIT COLLEGES- You have 2 days of totally excused absences to visit college campuses

    -Visit College Admission Rep sessions at NOHS- THIS IS Important EVEN if you have visited the campus on an official visit.  The rep at NOHS is OUR rep and READS YOUR APPLICATIONS!!!  It is important to meet them and ask smart questions!

    -Craft a resume that entails all of your school and community activities- make sure that you update your SCOIR account with your activities/awards

    -Begin thinking about teacher recommendations and cultivating relationships with those instructors

    -Explore options to grow over the summer through research, summer programs at colleges/universities, working, job shadowing, etc.

    -Begin looking at scholarship requirements and start creating mock applications to determine areas that might need additional attention.

    -Does your academic transcript match your college list?  Planning for your senior schedule can impact college admissions decisions.  Make sure that you think through the rigor load for your senior year!

    -Check off your classes as you pass them on your diploma worksheet (graduation checklist)


    12th- GAFutures 12th grade checklist

    -Double check your diploma worksheet (graduation checklist) to make sure that you have completed/will complete all of the classes required to graduate

    -Take the SAT/ACT/SAT subject tests EARLY (August, Sept.) to ensure that you have scores in time to meet application deadlines

    -Atttend the College Fair- Questions to ask

    -VISIT COLLEGES- Seniors have 2 days totally excused absences to visit college campuses

    -Finalize College applications well before deadlines (early or regular decision)

    -Finalize and submit your resume to teachers/counselors that need to write a letter of recommendation

    -Ask your teachers and counselors to write your letter of recommendation. 

    -Complete the FASFA/GSFAPPS for HOPE and Financial Aid


     2020/2021 School Profile



    Minimum Admissions Requirements for Colleges/Universities in the State Of Georgia


    College Admissions Test

    When should a student take the SAT/ACT?  

    College Application Sites


    College Resources

    College Bound Athletes
    • NCAA. Intial Eligibilty
    • NAIA. National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics is the governing body of small athletic programs.
    • NJAA. National Junior College Athletic Association


    College Fairs
    •  NACAC. Events are sponsored by the National Association for College Admission Counseling.  Typically hundreds of colleges attend the college fairs that are sponsored by NACAC.  Performing and Visual College Fairs and Stem College Fairs are also listed on this site.
     Summer Activity Resources:
    **Check the Counseling Blog and the NOHS Counseling Page within It's Learning for up to date summer opportunities