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    The Institute for the Future released a report entitled Future Work Skills 2020. The workplace is changing, and will continue to change. At RBES, through our emphasis on the ROCKETS’ Way, we are striving to make sure our students are ready.  

    RBES is working to teach our students a variety of skills to make sure they are: how to think, work together, respect differences, make decisions, solve complex problems, connect with others, think outside the box, communicate effectively, use technology appropriately, analyze, and make connections.  



    Want to see the ROCKETS’ Way in action at RBES?  ROCKETS' Way in Action

    Information on Parent Sessions 

    Parenting Sessions each year to include parents in support/guidance as you partner with us at home to instill Respect, Ownership, Contribution, Kindness, Effort, Teamwork, and Solutions into your children. In the past three years, over 100 parents have taken advantage of these opportunities. Dates TBA.