• Safety and Security

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    Oconee County Schools' primary responsibility is to ensure the safety of every student, teacher, and visitor participating in or observing school-related activities.

    Please be assured that all safety concerns are taken very seriously by Oconee County Schools. All reports and threats are investigated and vetted with appropriate authorities. Anyone having knowledge of a credible threat to any school system campus, student, or staff member is requested to immediately contact the school’s principal.

    Highlights of Safety and Security in OCS

    • Partnership with the Oconee County Sheriff's Office
    • Safety vestibules at all schools
    • Surveillance cameras at all schools
    • Visitor check-in system that requires a government-issued ID to check in
    • Secure interior and exterior access points
    • A campus-wide alert system

    Emergency Alert System
    OCS' campus-wide alert system gives all school system employees the ability to activate their Centegix badge to alert local law enforcement immediately. With the press of a button, the Oconee County Sheriff’s Office, school administrators, and district administrators will see exactly where in any school building the alert has been activated.

    After a button on the badge has been pressed, beacon lights will flash in classrooms and hallways. Students will hear an intercom message to “Avoid. Deny. Defend.” Desktop computers will be taken over with the alert. Law enforcement will be en route. 
    Click below to view a short video on the Centegix Alert System:

    Additional Information

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