• CFES has many opportunities for students to be involved in a variety of activities. The activities offered to students are:

    CFES Garden

    Built up and supported by CFES PTO, our CFES garden is blooming and bountiful.  During fall and spring, classes are invited out to the garden to help and learn about the garden.  Seasonal produce is planted and maintained and students enjoy getting to help and watch things grow!
     CFES Garden Collage

    MTV (Broadcast) 

    Fifth graders can participate in running our morning broadcast system.  Daily lunch choices, activity schedule, and weather along with all of the current school announcements make MTV a must see in all the classrooms.  We are the only live broadcast in the county.  Jobs include being an anchor, camera person, director, and pledge master.  Students rotate throughout the year delivering the daily news to all CFES classrooms.

    Camp Invention

    As we continue our STEAM initiative at CFES we welcome back Camp Invention.  Camp Invention allows students to have a fun and educational experience with problem solving using science, technology, engineering, art, and math. 
     Innovation, creative problem-solving and teamwork are important to us at Camp Invention.  Students will be building original prototypes and using real tools.  Exploring the lives of giant insects, colorful animals and their environments.  Constructing and personalizing a solar-powered cricket with a unique habitat.  Discovering the science of 3-d printers, slime, demolition, electronic sound, giant squids and coding. 
    Camp Invention  

    Instructional Extension (grades 1-5) 

    Students in grades first through fifth are offered instructional extension all throughout the year.  This allows students to receive remedial help and a review of standards and curriculum.