• Colham Ferry Elementary Mustangs succeed by being:
    Motivated, Responsible, and Safe
    PBIS: A Positive Approach
    Students, faculty, and staff are recognized and rewarded for effort and performance in exceeding expectations.
    Our Philosophy:
    Our goal is to help each child develop self-discipline in order to make good choices. Together the home, school, and community share the responsibility for developing good citizens. Parents, teachers, and students must work together to maintain a safe learning environment. 
    How does PBIS work?
    • Expectations for student behavior are defined by a building-based team with input from all staff.
    • Appropriate student behavior is taught throughout the day.
    • Positive behaviors are publicly acknowledged.
    • Problem behaviors have clear consequences. Discipline is implemented consistently by staff and administration.
    • Student behavior is monitored and staff receive regular feedback about student progress.
    • An Action Plan is in place for a school wide, consistent approach in working with students, parents, and teachers to change unexpected behaviors and maximize instructional time. 
    Mustang Matrix and School Wide Intervention and Support Flow Chart