• School Feature Videos

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    OCS Video
    OCS Feature Video


    CFES Flipped Classrooms
    CFES Flipped Math Classrooms with Teachers Ms. Howard and Ms. Schirmer


    HSES Garland
    HSES Explorations and Teacher Mr. Mark Garland


    OCES Counseling Video
    OCES School Counseling and Dr. Cindy Murphy


    NOHS Math Feature
    NOHS Math and Teacher Mrs. Jade Paustian


    RBES Art Feature
    RBES Art and Teacher Mrs. Stephanie Dickson

    MBMS Stephens Video
    MBMS Math and Teacher Mrs. Victoria Stephens


    OCMS Computer Sciences Video
    OCMS Computer Sciences Program and Teacher Mrs. Candace Scoggins


    MBES Music Video
    MBES Music Program and Teacher Mrs. Susan Smith


    DCES Video
    Dove Creek Elementary School Feature


    MBES Video
    Malcom Bridge Elementary School Feature


    OCMS Video
    Oconee County Middle School Feature


    MBMS Video
    Malcom Bridge Middle School Feature


    RBES Video
    Rocky Branch Elementary School Feature


    NOHS Video
    North Oconee High School Feature


    OCES Video
    Oconee County Elementary School Feature


    HSES Video
    High Shoals Elementary School Feature


    CFES Feature Video
    Colham Ferry Elementary School Feature


    OCHS Feature Video
    Oconee County High School Feature


    OCPS Feature Video
    Oconee County Primary School Feature