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    Some useful and cool links to check out!

    Resource Guide: A special, comprehensive list of helpful sites and programs we have compiled! The list will be regularly updated :)

    Free I.T. Athens: Free I.T. is an amazing local nonprofit that refurbishes old computers so that they can be resold at affordable prices, in addition to providing tech help. Volunteers are always welcome, so this is a great way to get hands on experience with tech and learn more about computer hardware!

    Alice 3: Here you will be able to download the 3-D animation program Alice 3, as well as get how-tos and lesson programs. 

    Codecademy: This is a great site to get interactive introductions to a variety of programming languages and CS topics. Find guides on Python, Java, Javascript, C, C++, and more!

    CS First: Here, you'll find Google's introduction to CS activities. Learn Scratch through story based activities and videos. Join our specific class using the code: Y7NV2F