REACH Scholarship Program


    About REACH Georgia
    The REACH Georgia program is a needs-based scholarship designed to promote academic success and expand access to higher education. As a part of the program, students signed contracts to maintain a certain grade point average and to also meet with a volunteer mentor and academic coach until they graduate from high school. Parents or guardians signed contracts to support their child through this process. When these scholars graduate from high school, they will receive up to a $10,000 scholarship – $2,500 each year for up to four years – to be used at a HOPE-eligible Georgia two or four-year college. Many colleges are matching this scholarship and some are double matching the scholarship, providing scholars additional resources for their college education. For more information, please click here.


    The REACH Scholarship program is a public/private partnership with some of the funding from the state level, while the remainder is contributed by local communities. Oconee County Schools is seeking additional business partners for the program. If interested, please contact REACH Coordinator Beth Parks at bparks@oconeeschools.org or at 706.769.5130, ext. 1336.

    Thank you to our sponsors who have committed thus far!

    REACH 2020 Sponsorships

    Scholarship Recipients

    Congratulations to all of our scholarship recipients!

    REACH 2020

    Jennifer Hernandez-Taboada – Malcom Bridge Middle School
    Shel’be Johnson – Oconee County Middle School
    Brenda Rios – Oconee County Middle School
    Ian Rogers – Malcom Bridge Middle School

    REACH Scholars 2019

    Zaniya Griffin – Oconee County Middle School
    Kamryn Hill – Malcom Bridge Middle School
    Grace LaCourte – Malcom Bridge Middle School
    Parker Loudermilk – Oconee County Middle School