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    Terms of Use:
    The purpose of the social media pages of Oconee County Schools (OCS) and the schools within OCS is to communicate to the stakeholders of OCS and allow for stakeholders to communicate about appropriate subjects on relevant sites. OCS reserves the right to remove comments that in the judgment of the page administrators violate these Terms of Use. Multiple violations may result in a blocking of the user from the specific site or, in appropriate situations, from all OCS sites. Employees or students posting comments that violate the policies of OCS, including the Code of Conduct for students or the Code of Ethics for Educators, may be subject to appropriate disciplinary action in addition to consequences under these Terms of Use. Comments may not:  

    • Contain profanity, obscene language or any sexual content or innuendo
    • Threaten any person, any school, any school function or any other entity
    • Defame any individual, including, but not limited to school officials
    • Engage in a discussion that relates specifically to an employee, parent or student grievance or complaint as there are other appropriate vehicles for such complaints
    • Post material that belongs to another person or entity without appropriate legal attribution
    • Promotes or endorses illegal activity or any activity that violates a policy of the Board of Education or a provision of a school handbook
    • Impersonate another individual
    • Promote or advertise commercial services
    • Include comments that do not pertain to the education of students in Oconee County or to the purpose of the particular site on which the post is placed
    • Be reasonably likely to disrupt the educational environment
    • Violate the Terms and Conditions of the social media site (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube) on which the post is being placed