• Home School Students (Extracurricular Activities)

    Home school students in grades 6-12 are eligible to participate in extracurricular activities. A student that withdraws from a public school to home school will be ineligible for one calendar year. 

    Requirements for participation include:

    1. One course facilitated by the school must be taken by the home school student during the semester in which the student participates. The student must be registered 30 days prior to participation. 

    2. The student must meet the same eligibility requirements as the public school students (accumulated units, units passed the previous semester, etc.).

    3. The student must live in the service area in which he/she participate and residence information must be provided.

    4. The student must provide the home school curriculum used and a transcript.

    5. Students must try out, pay participation fees, and meet any other requirements including those stated in the Code of Conduct and following all applicable policies and procedures.

    6. In order to participate, please click here to register