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    Scribber Citation Maker- Helpful tool that allows you to create properly formatted citations for your bibliographies.  Many different styles are represented including APA and MLA.  Shows you how a parenthetical citation should look within your text.

    Galileo- Georgia's Virtual LibraryHas information resources for virtually anything you can think of.  You can no longer say "I can't find information on my topic" as long as this website is around.  Operated by the University System of Georgia, Galileo subscribes to different databases and makes a lot of information available to you.  Full-text articles from hundreds of magazines and newspapers, primary resources, multi-media resources, e-books.  If ever there was one-stop shopping for finding information, this would be it.  To access everything while off campus, you will need the Galileo password.  Get that from your friendly neighborhood librarian.

    CIA Factbook-  If you need information about a country, any country, this is the place.  It's run by the CIA, an organization whose business is to know what's going on in other places.

    Explore Smithsonian-  Their tag line reads:  "bringing you everything under the sun."  This is pretty accurate.  Lots of good science stuff..

    The Internet Archive- Tremendous multi-media resource.  Has all kinds of videos, audios, images, books available for download.  Need some news footage from September 11th, 2001?  They have it.  Need a clip from a tv commercial from the 1950's?  They have it.  Need some some film footage of streetlife in New York in 1925?  They have it.

    The National Archives- This website will definitely come in useful for your history classes.  Practically every document created by government officials throughout U.S. history is stored here, and you can study many of those that have been declassified on your computer screen.  In some cases, you can view documents written by famous and important historical figures in their own handwriting!  If your US history teacher says that you must use primary resources, The National Archives has you covered.

    Google Search Tricks-  A collection of useful Google search tricks and commands that will make it easy to find all kinds of information on the Internet.

    Google Earth- Perfect for your map and globe needs. 

    How To Create A Bibliography-  A video on how to assemble a bibliography.

    Citing Sources:  How And Why To Do It- A video on what citations are all about.

    A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Write A Research Paper Never done a research project before?  This section of The Safe Search Kids website will get you up and running.  



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