• Collections of Very Cool Links

    Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything-  Kathy Schrock is well-known in media specialist circles for her expertise in information literacy.  She has published a lot of articles on the subject and developed some excellent websites.  Here she presents a host of online tools that allow you to do quite a bit on a computer.  Her collection of AI tools is marvelous.

    Content and Assets for Multi-media

    NASA Image and Video Library- Spectacular video, photos, and audio recordings that you can download and use in your multimedia presentations.  It seems everything NASA pointed a camera at is featured.

    Ignite Motion- Downloadable motion graphic video clips to be used with multimedia projects.

    Mazwai Video Clips-  Download video clips for your multimedia projects.

    Free Stock Music-  Music for your multimedia projects that will help you avoid copyright issues.

    Free Music Archive-  More copyright free music for your multimedia projects.

    DD CC Mixter- Copyright free music for multimedia.  The selections here are more along the lines of dramatic film scores.

    Audionautrix- Music for multi-media.

    Zapsplat-  Quite a few sound effects for your multimedia projects.  You may never have need of an alligator hissing sound effect, but if you do, it's here.

    Mixkit- Lots of free sound effects to download.  Heads up though, Evato Elements advertises content it wants you to buy on the website and kind of mixes it in with the free stuff.

    FreeSFX- More sound effects to download.

    Internet Archive-  Tons of videos, audio recordings, books that can be downloaded.  Everything from vintage commercials to newscasts to old tv shows can be found here.


    Creative Tools

    Tinkercad-  Helps you to design objects, machines, buildings, and vehicles in 3D.  Then, with simulation features, allows you to put them to work!

    Boords-  A tool that allows you to create storyboards for video projects.  Designed for ease and for those who can't draw.  Uses AI to generate shots based on your written descriptions. You can also create AI generated scripts with the website.

    Mindclouds-  Online mind-map making tool.

    Postermaker- Enlarge your photos or slides so that they are big enough to hang on a wall.

    Fine Arts

    Chrome Music Lab-  Experimental website created by Google.  Has several interactive activities related to music-making.

    Language Arts

    Google Lit-TripsTakes the user to the places where famous literary works are set using Google Earth.  These places are then illustrated with photos and information.

    Khan Academy Language Arts Practice- If you want to practice your grammar and improve your reading, try these activities.

    NaNoWriMo Young Writers Program- Helps and assist young writers in becoming novelists in 30 days time!

    Teenink.comA platform that allows teen writers to publish their work and have it accessible to a worldwide audience. 

    Grammar Girl: Quick and Dirty Tips-  A podcast that gives you a regular dose of funny explanations about grammar.  "Taylor Swift Doesn't Need Your Grammar" is the type of thing you might find on the show.

    ELA Games-  Entertain yourself while learning language arts. 

    No Flying, No Tights-  This website is dedicated to graphic novels.  Reviews, news, suggestions about comics anime, manga.

    Underlined-  A community for teen book lovers.  Reviews, discussions, lists of books to read, news of upcoming releases.

    Guide to Grammar and Writing-  A kind of reference website if you need to refresh your memory about grammar and writing rules.

    Milanote-  A writing aid for those who write fiction.  It allows you to organize notes, research, outlines, photos in such a way that they are readily accessible while writing.

    American Folklore- Collection of folklore stories as well as myths and legends etc.  Despite the title of the site, also has some world folklore stories.



    Khan Academy: Math- Excellent website to review math.  Videos, explanations, practice exercises are available.

    Online Chart and Graph Maker-  Make charts and graphs online.

    SolveMe Mobiles- A website that is intended to help students transition into algebra.  The interesting thing is, instead of using numbers, it uses puzzles involving mobiles and shapes that have to balance out.

    Solving the Outbreak- Created by the Centers for Disease Control, this interactive activity requires the user to find out where an outbreak originated using numbers and logic.  A well-done simulation/game.

    Wolfram Mathworld-  A kind of encyclopedia of math.  Virtually every mathematical operation and term ever is described here.

    Mathway-  A really powerful online calculator.

    Mathplanet-  You can study various levels of math here.  Starts at pre-algebra and goes up from there.

    Math.com-  Pretty much the ultimate math student website.  Features tutorials on various math concepts, practice exercises, explanations of mathematical terms, games-- everything you need to know about math.

    Mathigon-  Has courses, games, interactives, and manipulatives to help you learn about math.

    Plus+- A digital magazine that has lots of articles on how math integrates into real life.

    Numberphile-  Links to Youtube videos that explain various mathmatical concepts.  Links to other resources as well.



    Wolfram Alpha-  Hard to describe what this website is.  It's a kind of magic genie.  You ask it a question about anything, and it computes an answer.


    Photo Editors, Graphic Design

    PhotopeaOnline photo editor.  Just upload your photo and get to work. Plenty of tools to work with although you probably have to know a little about photography to use them.  The program is a wee bit complicated although most should be able to master it after a little experimentation.

    Adobe Free Online Photo Editor-  Not really a true photo editor in the sense that you can correct lighting, saturation, apply filter effects.  It's more of a picture decorator that allows you to apply text and various decorative touches, maybe to create a poster or Google Slide.  Does have a rather cool AI powered text effects generator.

    Edit-Photo-  Basic photo editor.  Has all the essential tools but not a lot of bells and whistles.  It is easy to use.

    Lunapic- For my money, the best of the free, online photo editors.  Quite a few tools to improve photos, but also tons of effects and filters as well.

    Cool Text- Create cool and colorful texts for your photos, webbanners, videos etc.

    Photo Enlarger-  Takes small pictures and makes them bigger with no loss in resolution.  Gives you a choice of algorhytms to do this including AI.  The AI one, however, takes a long time though.

    Photo Filters- This tool allows you to apply a number of special effects and filters to your photos.

    Photo Editor- Simply designed tool allows you to make your photos perfect.

    Textpro.me-  Add cool effects to text, then download to put into projects.


  • Science 

    Worldwide Telescope-  An experimental website created by Microsoft.  They have created a kind of virtual telescope using imagery from real life telescopes.  You can zoom around to different celestial bodies.  Some information is provided on some.

    Sheppard Software Games-  A collection of games based on various science concepts.

    NASA: Games and Interactives-  Many games and activities dealing with the space program.

    Science News-  Latest happenings in the science world.

    Exploratorium-  Exploritorium is a science museum in San Francisco.  Their website gives you a pretty good tour of the museum, but there are a lot of cool stories, information, and interactives on the website as well.

    How Stuff Works?-  A lot of science and technology stories on this website, but it also has content on culture, lifestyles, autos etc.  It asks a lot of quirky, interesting questions that may not have occurred to you  and then answers them.  "Why Can't You Wear White After Labor Day?"  "Buffalo vs. Bison, What's the Difference?" and "How Long Can Viruses Live on Surfaces?"  are just the sorts of things the website deals with.

    Science Journal for Kids- The webpage has a big banner that says "hundreds of scientific articles, written by kids, approved by scientists." That says it all.

    Ology!- From the American Museum of Natural History in New York City comes Ology!. The website has tons of information, activities, and interactives based on its exhibits.  A diverse selection of sciences is represented  such as marine biology, anthropology, genetics, astronomy, paleontology, brain science and many, many more.

    NASA Kids Club-  News, information about careers at NASA, interactives, videos, photos, and even tones you can download for your phone! Lots of amazing imagery on this well-designed website.

    NASA Video and Image Library-  Download spectacular videos, photos, and audio files created by our space program.  Seemingly, everything they've ever pointed a camera at is here.

    American Museum of Natural History- This is the website for one of the foremost science museums in the world.  Have a grand time exploring.  Besides information about the museum's exhibits, some interesting science information and photos occasionally appear.  



    Phet Interactive Simulations-  This is a big collection of science-related simulations hosted by The University of Colorado at Boulder.  

    LabXchange Let's you perform scientific experiments in a virtual lab.  Biology, chemistry, physics are the subjects covered.  You can experiment without fear of blowing things up.

    Simpot Simulations- PBS Learning Media created this website which features interactive science simulations.

    Center for Science Education-  Games and simulations that illustrate science concepts..


    Social Studies

    New York Historical Society: Women and the American Story-  Well done website describing the ways women have played a role in American History.

    National Park Service: Stories of Women-  Presents the stories of women who have made contributions to American History.

    Free Study Maps-  Provides maps to study as well as games and quizzes to help you learn your geography.

    My Maps-  Website run by Google that allows you to create maps with custom labeling, icons, symbols etc.

    American Panorama- Superlative website featuring historical maps of the United States.  There are interactive maps as well as mini-lessons about the historical meaning of different maps.  

    Crash Course: World History- This is a You Tube Channel that teaches you about various social studies concepts.  For example, there is a playlist of videos about the American Revolution.  

    The British Museum-  Take a stroll through this museum and enjoy the thousand of photos, artifacts, and exhibits dealing with world history.

    National Museum of African American History and Culture- This museum falls under the umbrella of the venerable Smithsonian Institution, and its website offers a way to learn about the museum and some of its exhibits.

    Google Arts and Culture- Think of it as hopping in a time machine and traveling back to an era in the past.  Poke around and enjoy visual representations of that long ago time.  Like going to the biggest museum in the world.

    History for Kids- Articles, games, quizzes about different historical eras.

    National Geographic Society: Learn at Home- This website is intended for home-schooled students, but it is still enjoyable and beneficial for those in the school setting.  Features a lot of hands-on, interactive activities dealing not only with geography, but science, ecology, biology as well. 

    Georgia Archives-  Videos, information, and activities related to Georgia history.  Main attraction are primary sources available for viewing.

    Georgia Historical Society- Lots of photos, information, and artifacts dealing with Georgia history.

    Georgia State Parks and Historic Sites- Information about Georgia's state parks.

    National Geographic Society-  The ultimate website for geographers.

    New Georgia Encyclopedia- Round-up of Georgia's history.

    Explore Georgia-  Listing of all the things to see and do in Georgia.

    Our World in Data- Tons of statistical data about our world represented in maps and charts.

    Map Image- Tool to let you annotate maps in various ways.

    ICIVICS- Collection of links to social studies themed games.


    Student Submitted Articles and Websites of Interest-  

    Environmental Education Virtual Field Trips for Nature Lovers- Get out of the house and take a trip! (virtually that is) Vast collection of virtual field trips to select from.  You can go to national parks, gardens, biomes, aquariums and much more.  Great website!


    Video Production

    WeVideo-  An online video editor that is easy to use but still has lots of features.  There is a free version, which is perfectly adequate, but the paid version has a whole lot more.

    Phideo-  Make slideshows with photos and animation.



    Zamzar- Converts one type of file to another.  One of the best out there and it's free.  

    Adobe PDF File Merger-  Allows you to combine multiple PDF files into one.

    Adobe QR Code Generator-  In case you ever need to create one.