• VILLA (Volunteer Instructional Leadership Learning Academy)

    VILLA 2023
    VILLA Class of 2023

    VILLA (Volunteer Instructional Leadership Learning Academy) provides parents an opportunity to learn more about public schools in their local communities! VILLA began as an initiative of the Georgia School Boards Association "to equip parent volunteers and community leaders to confidently navigate the school system."

    Oconee County Schools launched its VILLA Parent Academy in 2019. 

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    Scroll below to see members of the inaugural VILLA Class of 2019.

    Two parent-leaders from each of OCS' 12 schools are invited by school principals to participate in this annual experience. These 24 parents commit to a free, six-session experience. The interactive sessions cover the following topics:

    • Overview of the School System
    • Board Governance 
    • Teaching and Learning
    • Business Services
    • Communications
    • Human Resources
    • Operations 
    • Student Services

    There are four sessions held in the Central Office that cover the aforementioned topics. The fifth session is a field trip to two schools (which change each year) and the sixth session is a graduation dinner with board members. Following graduation, program graduates may be requested to continue to provide feedback to the school system on a variety of topics. 

    The inaugural VILLA cohort (Class of 2019) was comprised of the following parent leaders: 

    Deanne Rosso, Oconee County Primary
    Natalie Sams, Oconee County Primary
    Brandy Hale, Colham Ferry Elementary
    Alex Pershka, Colham Ferry Elementary
    Paige Hayes, Dove Creek Elementary
    Kim Heath, Dove Creek Elementary
    Katie Collins, High Shoals Elementary
    Jennifer Koberger, High Shoals Elementary
    Tiffany Carter, Malcom Bridge Elementary
    Kate Morgan, Malcom Bridge Elementary
    Katie Castleberry, Oconee County Elementary
    Kate Gelsthorpe, Oconee County Elementary
    Madonna Poole, Rocky Branch Elementary
    Monica Wesolowski, Rocky Branch Elementary
    Beatrice Howard, Malcom Bridge Middle
    Tammy Rumpf, Malcom Bridge Middle
    Rebecca Bishop, Oconee County Middle
    Robin Mayo, Oconee County Middle
    Heather Kincaid, North Oconee High
    Leigh Morris, North Oconee High
    Amie Dunford, Oconee County High
    Joanne Frantz, Oconee County High

    Thank you to all who provided their time and support!