• Frequently Asked Questions

    The following information may be subject to change as a result of modifications in district board policy, administrative regulations, state or federal laws and school policies and practices. It will be reviewed annually. You may check with a school official or counselor to verify the current application of the information presented.

    How can my student arrange to see his/her counselor?

    Students may go to the guidance office during breaks, lunch, before/after school to request an appointment. Appointment request forms are located in the front office. Drop the completed form in the silver basket, and the counselor will see you as soon as possible.

    Do students have the same counselor for four years?

    Yes, in most cases, a student will have the same counselor for four years.

    What types of counseling and support services are available?

    The counselors provide individual and small group counseling. Support groups are organized according to the needs of the students and also short counseling sessions are available.

    When can a student ask for a schedule change?

    Schedule changes may only be requested the first two days of the semester. Schedule change forms may be picked up in the guidance office, No forms will be accepted after 3:45 p.m. the second day of the semester. Schedule changes will not be granted for teacher preference. All changes must be approved by the Assistant Principal for Instruction. Class sizes must be kept within state guidelines.

    How does my child get into Honors/Advanced Placement classes?

    Honors classes are designed for high achieving students. To enroll in an honors class, students must be recommended by their current subject area teacher. To enroll in AP classes, students must have the recommendation of both the current instructor and the AP instructor. Some courses require an application.

    Can every student take drama, music, and art?

    Yes, without previous experience, every student may take drama, music or art. Students may also begin learning an instrument. Call the band director, Mr. Provost.

    How does a student request a transcript?

    Students may complete a transcript request from in the front office. Forms are located in the counselor office. Students are allowed 1 free transcript each semester, there is a charge of $3 for each additional transcript. For our records, the request needs to be made on this form. Please allow 3 days for the processing of each request. After that time, students may pick up transcripts.
    Seniors applying to in-state schools may send their transcript electronically at www.gacollege411.org . There is no charge for these transcripts.
    Only final transcripts will be mailed; forms for final transcripts will be filled out at graduation practice.

    When should students take the PSAT, PLAN, SAT, ACT?

    Generally these test are geared towards college prep students, but increasing numbers of technical schools are requiring students to take the SAT or ACT for admission. Both the SAT and ACT are given 7 times each year. Applications are in the guidance office. You may also register online for both. The following is a suggested testing schedule for students: 9th Grade – PSAT; 10th grade - PSAT and PLAN in the fall 11th grade - PSAT (enters students in the National Merit Scholarship competition: required for Governor's Honors nominees) in the fall. SAT/ACT in the spring, 12th grade - Repeat SAT/ACT.

    Are there SAT and/or ACT prep workshops?

    Yes. Generally, students may want to start taking test preparation classes during their junior and senior year. Classes are offered in September and March at UGA and at private test prep companies.