Oconee County High School
2721 Hog Mountain Road
Watkinsville, Georgia 30677
(706) 769-6655
Fax (706) 310-2003
Superintendent of Schools: Dr. Jason Branch
OCHS Administration
Ben Wiggins - Principal
Brian Deitz - Assistant Principal
Kevin Yancey - Assistant Principal
Kim Harmelink - Assistant Principal 

Counseling Department 
Kevin Guthas – Counselor (A-Gi)
Cindy Roach – Counselor (Gl-N)
Jean Bennett – Counselor (O-Z) 
Linda Sallie – Registrar 
Oconee County High School, grades 9-12, is one of 2 public high schools in the Oconee County School System.
Total Enrollment – 1170
CEEB Code – 113-190  
Accreditation and Classification
All Oconee County schools are accredited by the Georgia Accrediting Commission and by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. OCHS is a member of the Georgia High School Association and competes interscholastically with other high schools in region 8-AAAA.
Pattern of School Year
Two 18-week semesters/4X4 block schedule (some classes taught on modified block)
Community and Location
Oconee County is adjacent to Athens, Georgia and is approximately 1 ½ hours from Atlanta. It is a growing suburban community of more than 32,000. The University of North Georgia has a campus in Oconee County. The University of Georgia is located in Athens as well as Athens Technical College and Piedmont College.  
Grading Scale
A= 90-100    B= 80-89    C= 70-79    F = 0-69
GPA Computation
Grades earned in courses identified as honors, Advanced Placement, or joint-enrolled with a local college receive a the following weighting:
Honors = 1.05
Advanced Placement = 1.10
Joint Enrollment = 1.10
This weighting is not applied to individual grades on the transcript but is applied when the cumulative average is calculated. Courses with no identifier and identified as advanced earn no weighting. Class rank is determined by the weighted cumulative grade point average at the end of each semester and is computed on a 100 point scale.  
Requirements for Graduation
Students are required to earn 28 units for graduation. Included in these units must be courses which meet the state of Georgia’s requirements in addition to the additional academics required by the Oconee County Board of Education. 
Grade Classification 
 Units Grade Placement 
 1st year9th
Advanced Placement Classes
AP Studio Art 
AP Biology 
AP Calculus 
AP Chemistry
AP English Language 
AP Environmental Science 
AP English Literature
AP Economics
AP European History
AP French 
AP German
AP Human Geography 
AP Latin
AP Physics
AP Psychology 
AP United States Government
AP United States History
AP Spanish
AP Statistics
AP World History 
Honors Courses
Honors courses are offered for high achieving students and for those who meet the state requirements for gifted classification. Honors courses are offered in language arts, mathematics, social studies and the sciences.
MOVE ON WHEN READY (formerly ACCEL/Dual/Joint Enrollment Programs)
Joint enrollment programs are offered through the University of Georgia, Georgia Tech, University of North Georgia, Piedmont College, Georgia Military College and Athens Technical College  
Extracurricular Activities
OCHS fields varsity and junior varsity teams in 15 different sports. Over 35 community service, co-curricular or special interest student organizations are available for students to join.  


Oconee County Schools will be a nationally-recognized leader in academic achievement by ensuring all students receive a rigorous, balanced education that will enable them to compete in and contribute to a global society.