• Activities at HSES at a Glance


    High Shoals Elementary provides a suite of afterschool extracurricular activities to enrich our students. Some of these rotate every six weeks. Please see the list below for more information. 



  • Clare Eggleston
    Students will learn to sing a variety of music, how to correctly use their singing voices, and how to blend with a choir. If your child loves to sing and has a passion for music - this is the club for them!

Environmental Club

  • Linda Cooper   
    David Lawrence
    Environment Club has two major objectives. First, we will improve the environment of the school by weeding, mulching, trimming shrubbery, picking up litter, reducing erosion, recycling, etc. Second, we will plant and grow various herbs and vegetables in our raised bed garden. We will also practice cutting and potting various houseplants.

Chess Club

  • David Lawrence
    Chess Club is a time set aside for students who already know how to play the game (though they may not be experts just yet!). This gives them the opportunity to play one another. Each student must bring their own chess set with them.