• Mission: HSES will instill a passion for learning in our students so they will graduate, find careers they love, and give back to their community.

    Vision: HSES will provide an enriching learning environment where students are guided to reach their full potential.

    Motto: High Standards Equal Success

    Guiding Principles

    • HSES puts the needs of students as the focus of all decisions.

    • HSES provides all students a safe and positive learning environment.

    • HSES is a place where students learn the skills needed to be proactive and responsible leaders.

    • HSES has a duty to continuous improvement that deserves regular monitoring using multiple data sources and assessments

    • HSES students are more successful when teachers, parents, and community members work together.

    • HSES teachers inspire a love of learning.

    • High teacher morale fosters an environment conducive to learning