• Motto: High Standards Equal Success

    Vision: We will instill a passion for learning in our students so they will graduate, find careers they love, and give back to their community.
    Mission: To provide an enriched environment where students are guided to reach their full potential.
    * Kid Friendly: To reach our full potential. 
     Guiding Principles:
    1. Students’ learning needs are the focus of all decisions.
    2. Students are provided a safe and positive learning environment.
    3. Students take ownership over their learning and growth by setting goals.
    4. Through Positive Discipline, students learn to be proactive and responsible leaders.
    5. Continuous improvement is monitored regularly using multiple data sources and assessments.
    6. Students achievement is measured by a variety of common assessments and analyzed by data teams.
    7. Learning Focused strategies are consistent and pervasive throughout every classroom.
    8. School stakeholders work collaboratively to support one another.
    9. Technology enhances learning and communication for students, parents, and staff.
    10. Teachers inspire a love of learning through fun and engaging activities.