• Communications

    Director of Communications
    34 School St.
    Watkinsville, GA 30677
    Phone: 706.769.5130, ext. 1116
    Fax: 706.769.3500
    The Office of Communications provides internal and external communications support for the #1 county school district in the state of Georgia. This includes serving as the media relations contact, webmaster, spokesperson, partnership ambassador, social media administrator, district photographer, videographer, and more. In addition, the office provides public relations, marketing, and community relations support to individual schools and departments.
    Media Requests: For media requests to visit schools and/or to cover school/school district events, the first point of contact is the Office of Communications. In an effort to streamline communications, requests made through other avenues will be redirected to the Director of Communications. Responses will be made in a timely manner to all stakeholders.
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