• OCMS Student Ambassadors

    Grade: 7th-8th grades; 6th grade in January

    Sponsors: Ms. Dickerson; Dr. McCall

    Meets: As needed. Members will be provided more information once selected regarding upcoming events.

    Criteria for participation: Selected students are nominated by a teacher. These students demonstrated expected classroom behavior, leadership skills inside and outside the classroom, follow school expectations, and show respect to teachers and classmates. 

    Purpose: To work with administrators, teachers, and school counselors to deliver school wide programs to support a positive school climate, including welcoming new students, making posters for school wide initiatives such as random acts of Kindness Week, Red Ribbon Week, Secret Santa, OARC Food Drives, Step Up Day, etc.

    Contact: Ms. Dickerson (jdickerson@oconeeschools.org); Dr. McCall (jmccall@oconeeschools.org)