AMP Art Club serves as an extracurricular activity where students have an opportunity to create artwork for the school, community and for their own personal use. Students have a chance to express themselves creatively; exploration and uniqueness is encouraged! At least one community service project is attempted during the course of five weeks. Each grade level will have a five week session during one quarter of the school year that meets once a week. This club has a limited capacity of 20-25 students, and is on a first come first serve basis.
    Fifth Grade Advanced Art is comprised of four groups of 5th grade students that will meet in the art room with Mrs. Backs for part of a quarter during the school year. These groups of students will work on special projects such as ceiling tile painting, window painting, and creating decorations for the school and special events. Students will also help out at events like the Dessert Theater and Cultural Arts Night. Students meet one afternoon after school and one morning before school for "Open Studio" on the weeks that they have Advanced Art.
    PE AMP PE Club provides OCES students with a great way to finish the school day. Your child simply stays at school with the PE teachers, who make sure they end the day with a healthy bout of exercise and fun. The PE club is offered 3 times a year, giving each grade level the opportunity to participate. The students are active and have loads of fun, with friends taking part in activities they love - and also activities they may not have tried before.