• Rocky Branch PTO

    Frequently Asked Questions

     What is the PTO?

    PTO stands for Parent Teacher Organization. We are a group of members directly affiliated with Rocky Branch Elementary School. Our goal is to work together to support Rocky Branch and all of its members…students, faculty, staff, parents, partners, and community members. We organize many committees to facilitate various activities throughout the year. For a more detailed list of what PTO is responsible for, see the General Information section under the PTO tab right here on the school’s website.

     How much are PTO dues?

    PTO dues are $10 per family each year and can be paid by cash, check, or PayPal. The email address to pay with Paypal is rockybranchrocketspto@gmail.com.

     What are PTO dues used for?

    The PTO uses the money collected from all fundraisers, including yearly dues, and budgets accordingly to be able to use funds to buy items that students will enjoy and benefit from. For a more detailed description of how all funds are allocated, please view the Proposed RBES PTO Budget - 2020-21 PTO Proposed Budget

    What do I get if I join the PTO?

    Well, for starters, you are helping our school when you join the PTO! The money we collect from dues is used to supply the school with items they are in need of and support activities held throughout the school. But… you do receive something, too! You will receive a weekly e-mail called Rocket Mail, which is the PTO’s newsletter that shares events, important dates, opportunities to volunteer, as well as other important school information.

     What is Rocket Mail?

    When you join the PTO, you will begin receiving a weekly e-mail from one of our PTO members. Rocket Mail consists of important dates, upcoming events, opportunities to volunteer, and important school information. It is truly a wonderful way to stay informed with everything going on at Rocky Branch!

     When and where are PTO meetings?

    The next PTO meeting dates are March 12th and May 7th at 9 a.m.

    We have an official PTO room at Rocky Branch - Room 126 (at the end of the first grade hallway).

    What is discussed at PTO meetings?

    PTO meetings are an opportunity to discuss information regarding upcoming events. Updates are given by each of the committee chairs. The treasurer shares information regarding the budget. Administration shares important school information. There are also opportunities to provide input and/or feedback regarding PTO involved activities.

    Do I need to be able to volunteer if I join the PTO?

    We would LOVE for you to volunteer, but it is not a requirement. We know that many parent schedules conflict with our activities, but please know that there are many opportunities to volunteer, whether it be during the school day, at an after school function, with a PTO committee, etc. If you are interested but are not sure how to proceed, please do not hesitate to ask one of the PTO members.

     If I cannot volunteer, should I still join the PTO?

    YES! Being a part of the PTO can include volunteering, but it is more than that. The money we collect from dues goes directly back to the school in various ways, such as providing the school with items they need and offering teachers and staff luncheons throughout the year to recognize their efforts with our children. (For a more detailed description of how all funds are allocated, please view the Proposed RBES PTO Budget - 2020-21 PTO Proposed Budget.

    We also want you to stay informed of all that we are doing as an organization with and for the school. Communication is key!

     I want to volunteer! How can I help? How do I get involved?

    At this time, RBES cannot accommodate volunteers. Please check back for updates.

     What other sources of communication are available for PTO information?

    -Rocky Branch’s Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/RBESRockets/

    -Rocky Branch's Instagram page - RBESRockets

    -Rocky Branch’s Twitter account - https://twitter.com/RBESRockets

    -Rocky Branch’s school website (https://www.oconeeschools.org/rbes) includes a PTO tab with updated information.

    -PTO Weekly Newsletter - Rocket Mail is an e-mail sent out to PTO members that shares weekly information regarding PTO happenings.