• The Malcom Bridge Middle School chess club and chess team are provided to give the students an opportunity to play chess competitively and for enjoyment. The chess club allows the students to improve their chess skills while spending time with their friends. If we are able to attend chess tournaments outside our school, the chess team will be chosen based on student rankings from attendance at Chess Club. 

    Chess Club Meetings for 2017

    Please remind your child to listen to morning announcements for any possible changes in the schedule.

    January *20 (make-up meeting since no one came last week) AND 27
    Feb. 10, 24
    Mar. *9 (this is a Thursday), 24
    Apr. 14, 28
    May 12 (Last meeting of the year unless I'm able to organize an extra meeting the last week of school.)

    Club Sponsor

    Mrs. Kimberly Howeth