• OCMS Yearbook


    Adviser:  Mrs. Candace Scoggins

    Thank you for your interest in purchasing an Oconee County Middle School yearbook! The OCMS yearbook is a student-created product that allows 8th grade students the opportunity to participate in developing, marketing, and producing a product that captures the memories of each school year and serves as a historical record for the school and the community. 

    While we make every effort to ensure that our product is as error free as possible, this is a student-created product, and sometimes mistakes happen. Your understanding and recognition of the enormous effort required by our OCMS Yearbook Staff to learn graphic design while creating, designing, and marketing a fantastic product that each student can treasure for years to come is appreciated.  


    How to Make a Purchase

    Yearbooks can be purchased online directly through Jostens:  Jostens OCMS Yearbook


    Yearbooks can be purchased via an order form in the front office by cash or check.


    8th Grade Ads

    Do you have an 8th grade OCMS Brave?  If so, you might be interested in surprising them with a special message in the yearbook for their final year of middle school.  Order Deadline: November 17, 2023


    Yearbook Policies

    1.  Yearbook portraits are obtained from Fall Picture day or Fall Retake day pictures only.  If your student is absent on Fall Picture day and they do not take a picture on the Fall Retake day with Watermark Photography, their picture will not be included in the portrait section of the yearbook.

    2.  In most instances, yearbook purchases are final.  However, if a situation arises where you are completely unsatisfied with your yearbook purchase, you must return the unmarked yearbook for Jostens auditing purposes in order to receive a refund.  (Refunds will not be issued for the following reasons:  1. Misspellings and mistakes.  Unfortunately, these things do happen with a student-created product; please be understanding.  2. Differences of personal taste.  Yearbook themes and layouts are student selected.) 


    Are You Interested in Joining Our Staff?

    In January of each school year, 6th grade students who are interested in serving as OCMS Yearbook staff members are invited to stop by Room 509 to pick up an application from Mrs. Scoggins. 


    Partnering with Jostens for Amazing Yearbook Learning Experiences

    Yearbook provides students the opportunity to serve in a variety of roles to figure out which area of yearbook they like best!

    Photographer:  Being a photographer is cool, but while this tends to be one of the more popular positions on yearbook staff, it really isn’t for everyone. A photographer needs to be available to attend events regularly during AND after school (after school participation is a MUST). They also upload, sort, and edit photos, write photo captions and conduct interviews.

    Reporter:  This is a job for someone with a good sense of adventure, because reporting is fun. These students should have their finger on the pulse of the school­­—meeting and interacting with students and teachers. Reporters conduct the bulk of our interviews and therefore determine the content of our book—they basically choose the stories we write. They may also write and photograph. 

    Designer:  Get ready to never look at anything in print the same way again. Designers determine the look and feel of the publication, from font and color to layout and presentation. They apply our design style and create pages that deliver our content in a way that is innovative and contemporary, yet still readable.

    Publicist (Social Media/Marketing):  You’re a people person, right? You know someone who knows someone? Good. Share the wealth.  Spread the word. We want people to know exactly who we are. Why? Because yearbook is a student-run business and every business needs good marketing and publicity.

    Writer:  People think yearbook stories are boring... well think again. Not with master writers on our staff.  Staff writers are our masters of the English language. These heroes will interview, write, edit, proofread, and ultimately be responsible for polishing our book till it shines like a gem, hence all those gold medals!

    Editor (*Leadership Position): Not afraid of a little responsibility? I like that in a person. An editor is a staff boss. Typically, we have editors in each content area (managing editor, copy editor, photo editor, design editor), and then one Editor-in-Chief. Student editors lead the class.  From decision making to just setting a good example, our editors run the show.


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