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    Mission Statement

    The mission of the Financial Operations Department is to accurately record, manage and report the financial position and business activities of Oconee Schools and its departments. Within the scope of this mission is the responsibility to coordinate and direct all financial transactions recorded in the accounting systems of Oconee County Schools. This responsibility requires that we be service-oriented relative to the financial needs of all schools and departments while still assuring that transactions adhere to system policies and procedures, generally accepted accounting principles, and rules established by the authoritative governing bodies.
    Oconee County Schools (OCS) operates on a fiscal year basis as prescribed by the State of Georgia. The fiscal year starts July 1 and ends on June 30. The State of Georgia requires that every school system have a balanced budget, approved by the local Board of Education, in place before the start of the fiscal year.

    There are many factors that go into putting together the budget for OCS. Some of the ones discussed in detail are population increases (student and countywide), revenues, class size, state-funded positions versus locally funded positions and tax base which will determine the millage rate.


    Business Services Contacts

    Chief Financial Officer

    Peter Adams
    706.769.5130, ext. 1115

    Director of Finance

    Katie Childers
    706.769.5130, ext. 1119

    Accounts Payable Specialist
    Blaze Gomez
    706.769.5130, ext. 1105

    Business Services Manager
    Leigh Ann Crumpton
    706.769.5130, ext. 1107

    Payroll Manager
    Laura Dickey
    706.769.5130, ext. 1108

    Payroll Specialist
    Laura Stout
    706.769.5130, ext. 1120