• Student Safety

    The Oconee County Board of Education recognizes its responsibility for ensuring the safety of every student, teacher, and visitor. The Oconee County Board of Education is committed to providing a safe, orderly, and productive learning environment for all students.

    All student behavior shall be based on respect and consideration for the rights of others. Students are expected to conduct themselves at all times in a manner that will contribute to the best interest of the school system. The school system utilizes parents/guardians, teachers, administrators, and students (when appropriate) to develop the system's behavior code, known as the Student Code of Conduct. This code is important to all stakeholders in the Oconee County School District.

    The principal is the designated leader of the school and, in collaboration with the staff, is responsible for the orderly operation of the school. In the event of discipline violations not covered specifically by the Student Code of Conduct, the principal may enact corrective measures that he or she feels are in the best interest of the school and the student(s) involved. The authority of the principal/staff extends to all students who are on school property, on their way to or from school or a school function, and at any school function or activity. Based on the circumstances of the incident or the disciplinary history of the student, the principal may refer any legitimate matter to the disciplinary hearing officer for a disciplinary hearing. Violations with regards to bullying are detailed in Board Policy JCDAG.

    All students who participate in competitive interscholastic activities shall abide by the guidelines contained in the Oconee County Schools policies, regulations, Athletic Handbook, Board Exhibit IDE(3)-E(3), and any other guidelines pertaining to competitive interscholastic activities, such as the Georgia High School Association (GHSA) Constitution and By-Laws (www.ghsa.net).