• Gifted Services


    Jennifer Adams
    Director of Elementary Education
    34 School Street
    Watkinsville, GA 30677
    706.769.5130, ext.1317


    Oconee County Gifted Program’s Mission and Goals

    The Oconee County Schools’ Gifted Program recognizes that our students have unique needs and that it is our responsibility to help them maximize their potential and prepare them to become successful, contributing members of society. The mission of the Gifted Program is to maximize the potential of gifted students by providing programs and services that accommodate these differences, including curriculum responsive to individual learning rates, styles, and complexity.

    Oconee County Public Schools Advanced Learning Programs serve the learning needs of students who are academically gifted and highly able learners through programs that provide rigorous and accelerated curricula. These programs include Gifted Services, Honors, Advanced Placement, and the Governor's Honors Program.

    All gifted assessments in the Oconee County School District adhere to the rules and regulations established by the Georgia Department of Education. There are three steps in the process of identification and placement of students into the gifted program: referral, assessment, and determination of eligibility.


    Gifted Staff 

    Oconee County Primary School
    Jennifer Dalton
    Gifted Lead
    Oconee County Elementary School
    Terri Thornton
    Gifted Lead Teacher
    Colham Ferry Elementary School
    Bekah McGee
    Gifted Lead Teacher 
    Dove Creek Elementary School
    Josh Martz
    Gifted Lead
    Malcom Bridge Elementary School
    Eric Watson
    Gifted Lead
    Rocky Branch Elementary School
    Kandice Ivarie
    Gifted Lead
    High Shoals Elementary School
    Jenna Elmankabady
    Gifted Lead Teacher
    Dove Creek Middle School
    Lisa Thomas
    Gifted Lead
    Oconee County Middle School
    Heather Holman
    Gifted Lead Teacher 
    Malcom Bridge Middle School
    Stacey Waters
    Gifted Lead Teacher