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Final millage rate adopted at 15.5

The Oconee County Board of Education has adopted a final total millage rate of 15.5 mills, the lowest rate this century and a full point decrease from the previous rate of 16.5. The Board unanimously approved the rate decrease at the August 1, 2022 Board meeting.

“The Board is committed to fiscal responsibility and conservative budgeting, while ensuring the school system has the resources it needs to maintain excellence,” said Board Chair Kim Argo. “The Board is pleased to reduce the millage rate by a full point while maintaining a budget that fully supports the exemplary teaching and learning that occurs in our school system each day.”

The proposed tax increase for a home with a fair market value of $450,000 is approximately $124.60, and the proposed tax increase for non homestead property with a fair market value of $425,000 is approximately $119.00. 

The fiscal year 2023 budget for Oconee County Schools provides resources to accommodate a growing student population. The primary revenues to support the budget are state funding and the local tax digest.

Included in the approved budget are the following:

  • Salary improvements for all certified and classified staff – $2,290,000

    • $2,000 increase for certified staff - $1,825,000

    • 3% increase for classified staff - $465,000

  • Nineteen additional staff positions due to growth in the areas of special education, regular education, and business services­ – $1,567,000

  • $20 per day increase for substitute teachers - $84,500

  • Step raises for all eligible staff – $800,000

  • Teacher retirement rate employer increase – $90,000

The budget is 72% for direct instruction, 6% for instructional support, and 22% for support services. Ninety-one percent of the budget is directly for personnel.

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