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    Redistricting Information

    Plan Overview

    At the November 14, 2022 Board of Education meeting, the redistricting plan was approved. The plan is designed to prepare for the opening of Dove Creek Middle School and to address continued growth in Oconee County Schools.

    “Over the last decade, our district has grown nearly 30%. This growth is a reflection of the incredible achievement of our students and the hard work of our teachers, support staff and administrators, parents, and community,” said Superintendent Jason Branch. “We are very fortunate to be a part of the #1 school district in the state. With continued growth and the opening of Dove Creek Middle School next fall, the proposed redistricting plan is designed to comprehensively address the needs of our school system community for future students and families.”

    Highlights of the plan include:

    • Feeder schools and attendance zones for OCHS and NOHS remain the same.
    • Elementary schools are balanced for future growth.
    • School choice is available next year for all students in grades K-12.
    • Over 92% of students are not impacted by the proposed redistricting plan.


    2023-24 Elementary School Map
    2023-24 Middle School Map
    2023-24 High School Map

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