• Parent Information on Classroom Technology

    Oconee County Schools (OCS) currently utilizes a wide variety of technology related tools to enhance the instructional process. Through the use of the wide area network and modern network infrastructure, OCS is able to provide an enterprise level network for all campuses. OCS provides several educational technology tools to allow for collaboration, communication, and instructional use.
    Hardware resources at all schools include computer labs, student and teacher workstations, network printers, and mounted LCD projectors. Elementary school classrooms are also equipped with interactive whiteboards. All teachers have access to a Windows device that can be projected in the classroom.  Kindergarten students have touchscreen Chromebooks while 1st and above are 1:1 and take home their Chromebooks.
    Software resources in all schools include MS Office 365, various online textbook resources, OAS (Online Assessment System), itslearning (learning management system), PowerSchool (student information system), Destiny (school media services), and G Suite for Education. Based on student population, curriculum, and grade level, schools utilize GA Virtual School (credit recovery and online instruction), Edgenuity (web-based self-paced instruction), and Career Tech related applications (AutoCad, Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, etc.).