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Raise Craze

Raise Craze has begun and we need your support!
What is Raise Craze?
Watch this video to find out
So why did we pick Raise Craze and how is it different from other fundraisers?
There are many reasons but here are a few highlights: 
 • It reinforces kindness in the classroom and improves the culture of our school.
 • Everyone can participate by completing Acts of Kindness. No one is left out!
 • Classroom goals promote team building and cooperation.
 • There is little to no classroom interruption.
Student Registration is EASY!!!  Click on the link below to learn how students register.
Recognizing the work of the students and classes is important ...
• Individual awards for completing Acts of Kindness will be given. Students are rewarded for all their efforts. 
• Classroom goals and school-wide awards for Acts of Kindness will help reinforce teamwork and cooperation while boosting school spirit. During our closing celebration, we will recognize the top 2 students per grade level and the top 2 classrooms for the most Acts of Kindness and most money raised. Teachers will be recognized as well.
• Kindness on the Spot! Teachers will give Kindness Coins to students who are "caught" being kind to encourage kindness always. 
• Prizes will be awarded weekly. 
When you support this fundraiser you are not only helping us raise important funds for our school, you helping to remind all of us the importance of being kind to one another.